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Memberships with iSTOP are offered in different categories.

As the International body overseeing the development of the IMS technique, we want to encourage the acceptance and spread of this proven chronic pain treatment.  To that end, we have organized an iSTOP Membership drive for doctors and physical therapists who have completed a recognized GunnIMS course, and who employ it in their practice. 


As an iSTOP member, you will receive the following benefits:

We wish you all the best in your practice and in your efforts to help sufferers of chronic pain and other neuropathic related health issues. We hope to hear from you soon!

Practitioner testimonial regarding Gunn IMS - College of Family Physicians of Canada

A story of pain, success and hope for patients

Member - W. Phimister

iSTOP Members - Renewals

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iSTOP New Members - Complimentary *** FREE ***

Complimentary iSTOP Membership is available for new graduates of the GunnIMS courses.

Certified CGIMS practitioners may request to become a member of iSTOP at no cost for one year.

Find application form for details and requirements.

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