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Dr Gunn is featured in The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians.  

'Full of historical sidebars, anecdotes, illustrations and archival photographs, The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians is a spirited celebration of the people who built the province'.

The BC Almanac Book of Greatest British Columbians
by Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson
1-55017-368-5 • 200 pp • October 2005

Dr Gunn is doing better!

After suffering a bad fall in August and undergoing surgery a week later, we are happy to report that Dr Gunn is up and on the go again!!  Although he is still recovering, he is in touch with us regularly and even shows up at the office once in a while for a few minutes. 

Thank you for all the well wishes, cards and flowers he received.  It was much appreciated.

IMS Courses

We had 3 IMS courses again this year.  Two in Vancouver (April and September) and one in Calgary (June).  
Once again we had people attending from all over the world. In April, practitioners from Brazil, Australia and the USA attended and in September, practitioners from the Netherlands and the USA joined us.   
A big group of IMS practitioners was also sent back to Alberta and also all over the Lower Mainland in Vancouver.






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