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Dr. C. Chan Gunn, Founder and President of iSTOP, is Clinical Professor at the University of Washington Pain Center, and an Honorary Fellow of Peterhouse Cambridge.  Dr. Gunn received the Order of British Columbia (2001) and the Order of Canada (2002) for his pioneering work on the concept of pain following neuropathy, which marked a major shift in the diagnosis and treatment of pain.

In 2007 Dr Gunn was elected Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in London, UK.

joanne   Joanne McBrinn graduated from the Northen Ireland School of Physiotherapy.  She worked as a Senior Physiotherapist in the Neurosurgical and Trauma Unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.  Joanne was the Senior Physiotherapist in Acute Care at Vancouver’s Saint Paul’s Hospital for seven years, during which she was also a Clinical Teacher at the University of British Columbia.  She earned a Bachelor of Rehabilitative Medicine at UBC, and was certified by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 1997. Now located at
lam   Dr. Allan C.P. Lam, iSTOP’s Clinic Director, obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1979.  He holds an advanced certificate in acupuncture from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai, but since 1997 has adopted Intramuscular Stimulation as his primary method of treatment.  Dr. Lam is also a popular IMS instructor. Now located at

Kam Yan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta in 1972, and has been in private practice in Canada for over twenty years.  He learned acupuncture in Hong Kong and Canada.  Kam is a registered member of the BC College of Acupuncturists, and is a certified IMS practitioner at iSTOP in Vancouver.  He was a guest speaker on a paper presentation to the 7th International Congress of Physiotherapy in 1974, and also presented a paper on acupuncture to the Congress of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association in 1989.
Now located at:

Main Yan Physiotherapy & Acupuncture, Main St. Vancouve, BC

Gateway Neck Back Institute, King George Blvd. Surrey, BC



  • Dr. C Chan Gunn, Founder
  • Dr. Allan C P Lam, Senior Advisor


  • Joanne McBrinn
  • Kam Yan

Support Staff

  • Tracy Leong, Accountant
  • Sabine Mann, Administrative Assistant


  • Dr. C Chan Gunn, President
  • Mr. Kevin Sullivan, Treasurer
  • Dr. Allan C P Lam, Senior Advisor
  • Mr. Rodney Ward, Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

  • Dr. C Chan Gunn
  • Mr. Kevin Sullivan
  • Mr. Shiuman Ho
  • Dr. Jan Walls
  • Ms. Jane Wong
  • Ms. Maggie Ip

International Advisory Board

  • Prof. K Ahn                         Korea
  • Dr. S Butler                        Sweden
  • Dr. R T Casson                 UK
  • Prof. Serdar Erdine          Turkey
  • Dr. S Goodman               USA
  • Dr. J. Kent                          Israel
  • Dr. M Kitahara                  Japan
  • Prof. Chulwoo Lee           Korea
  • Prof. M H M Lee                  USA
  • Prof. Sangchul Lee          Korea
  • Dr. J D Loeser                   USA
  • Dr. K Hwi Ok                      Korea
  • Dr. P J Pontinen                Finland
  • Dr. S S Rathore                 Norway
  • Dr. L Rapson                    Canada
  • Dr. S Shim                         Korea
  • Dr. A E Sola                        USA
  • Dr. H Tick                           Canada

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